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Homeopathy Made Simple - 4 wk series

Feb 20, 27, March 5, 12, 2024  6:30-8:30PM EST

Class Fee is $150 for the 4 wk series

I have noticed that many people are looking for an alternative health modality so I have decided to teach the beginner series live via remote access.

The Homeopathy Made Simple series is designed to teach you the basic principles of homeopathy as well as the “how tos” so you will be able to use it on a daily basis.  For those of you who already practice homeopathy this series will definitely fill in the gaps and show you additional ways to practice homeopathy.  Homeopathy is a natural and a very inexpensive way to maintain and promote health.  Unlike allopathic medicine, this modality aims to resolve the issue rather than suppress it.  Most people know that remedies can work on physical issues but they may not realize remedies also work with emotional issues such as grief and depression.  Although it is not as widely used in the U.S. (but this is changing), it is practiced successfully throughout the world. Why not take control of your health for yourself and your loved ones by learning to use homeopathic remedies in your daily life?

This series covers:

·       The 64 remedies in the Homeopathic Home Kit and specifics on what they are used for

·       How to choose a homeopathic remedy

·       How to know if a remedy is working

·       Cancellation factors for remedies – how this happens

·       Standard remedy potencies along with information on how frequently to take the remedy

·       We also cover aggravations/provings/overdoses- what they are and how to address them

·       How to use RSBs or remedy solution bottles

·       Grafting or copying remedies

·       How to make a homeopathic ointment or oil

·       We will be covering remedies for the flu, depression, back injuries/issues, anxiety, pneumonia and even feeling overwhelmed 

·       Constitutional remedies-the select group and how to use them 

·       The 12 cell salts and how to use them are discussed

·       We also do test cases which helps to solidify your knowledge of how to use remedies in specific situations taking into consideration frequency, potency and the different reactions you may get

Class size will be limited.  If you are interested email me at



All of my classes are available via audio and detailed notes. 

I always recommend taking the Homeopathy Made Simple series first as a foundation series because all of my classes assume you know these foundation skills.  Remember, I teach Clinical Homeopathy with many different caveats which most people do not practice so it is unlikely you will be familiar with all of the information in this series.


​​​​​Detailed information on what is covered in every class is listed under the Class Description tab.

If you would like to purchase an audio class reach out directly at





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