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As many of you know I have been studying Dr Jennifer Daniels and her teachings for a number of years. I have found her teachings to be excellent and I have seen great results from them. Her course is over 6500 hours (I highly recommend purchasing it!)  but it comes with virtually no notes so it is quite a bit of work to get through it and to document everything. I am finally ending her course and I have extensive notes. I have decided to teach a short preview on key information she teaches.

·        Turpentine. What it is good for and how to use it. She is the expert on this subject.

·        Castor Oil. How she uses it and it's medicinal qualities

·        Diets. She recommends food as medicine and she gives information on various diets along with their strengths and weaknesses.

The class will be 3 hours. I will include notes on the information listed above and after we go through this information we will have an extended question and answer time in which I am happy to search my  notes to find answers on anything students ask. I have extensive information on various ailments as well as various herbs for many different issues. Each student can submit a question ahead of time so that everyone can get at least 1 question answered.  She is a wealth of information and as always the bottom line with me is you get results!! 


This class is scheduled for

May 2, 2024 2-5 PM EDT.

Class Fee is $90. 

May 9, 2024,  6:30-8:30PM EDT

Homeopathy Made Simple 4 wk series

Class Fee = $150



If you are interested in any of the

above classes email me at


All of my classes are available via audio and detailed notes. 

I always recommend taking the Homeopathy Made Simple series first as a foundation series because all of my classes assume you know these foundation skills.  Remember, I teach Clinical Homeopathy with many different caveats which most people do not practice so it is unlikely you will be familiar with all of the information in this series.


​​​​​Detailed information on what is covered in every class is listed under the Class Description tab.

If you would like to purchase an audio class reach out directly at





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