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Anxious - Worried? You need to treat yourself first!!

If you are trying to help someone with a homeopathic remedy and you become overly anxious or worried this is not the best place to be when you are trying to administer homeopathy. Especially in acute situations you need to be clear on what the symptoms are and what remedy choices are viable options for those symptoms as the dosing may be fast paced and/or intense. You may need to keep track of exactly what remedies you are giving, the potencies and the time frame you are giving them. If you are not in a balanced, calm state yourself you may not be able to do this easily. Being worried and anxious yourself also does not help the individual you are trying to treat. If you are not calm they may question your ability and your lack of confidence – aren’t confident people usually calm? My advice? Treat yourself first! Remember in the airplane when they give you the emergency procedures they tell the parents to put on the life preserver, etc first? The same thing applies here. Take a homeopathic remedy for yourself to dissipate the worry and fear so that you can pay close attention to the task at hand and administer the correct homeopathic remedies properly. What remedies might be good in this scenario? Many times I see Gelsemium 200 work well for anxiety and worry. Aconite 30 or possibly 200 is another remedy that works well for fear. Please don't forget this when you are in a stressed situation as you will be much more proficient when treating with your homeopathic remedies and you will feel much better too!!

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