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About Denise:


Denise has been involved with alternative healthcare and homeopathy for many years.  She has studied homeopathy extensively and endorses the practice of using lower potencies at more frequent intervals so as not to contribute to a healing crisis or aggravation.  She also believes that although theory and analysis are important - results and well-being are really the ultimate indicator of success.  She practices homeopathy on a regular basis in her own life to continually improve her own skills and is an avid and ongoing researcher, continually striving to enhance her knowledge of different health topics and homeopathic practices.


One of her goals is to help people understand homeopathy in a clear and straightforward manner so that they can apply it in their daily lives. She offers beginner and advanced classes as well as homeopathic educational health consultations for chronic and acute health issues.  Visit her Facebook group called Homeopathy Made Simple.


Denise received her certifications in Homeopathy from the Hahnemann Academy of North America and internationally known homeopath, teacher and author Dr. Robin Murphy.  She has continued her education by studying the teachings of David Little, the foremost authority on The Organon (the homeopathic bible), Dr. David Lilley and Dr. Luc DeSchepper among others.  Additional education includes Reiki I & II; QiGong;  Medical Qigong; Rasa Gemstones; Super Tonics & Natural Remedies; Yoga Medicine and Astrology; Isopathic/Tautopathic Prescribing and New, Old and Forgotten Remedies/Tonics.



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