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Homeopathic Educational Consultations for My Students Only



Homeopathic Educational Acute Consult - $45

(10 minutes-no check-ins)

This consultation is for acute issues that need limited time and analysis.

The homeopathic educational phone consultation time is limited to 10

minutes and it does not include a check-in. 



Homeopathic Educational Chronic Consult-$250

Check-in rate after the initial chronic consult is $30 for each 15 minutes

(This is only available to students who have taken the HMS series as well as the 3 Chronic classes.  Understanding Clinical Homeopathy basics as well as good implementation skills are warranted to get great long term results using homeopathy.)

This consultation involves time investment from both parties.  A detailed information form needs to be submitted along with payment for the consultation to start.  After research and analysis are done on your specific issues a 1 hour phone call is scheduled where we discuss homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures, cell salts and other modalities.  It is then your responsibility to implement these suggestions and note the results from each over a period of at least 1 month. 

At this time and going forward we will schedule periodic check-ins to continue your progress and results while helping you to learn more about homeopathy. 

  • Please realize that in order for long standing issues to correct themselves a chronic remedy is very important.  Using a chronic remedy is cumulative and foundation building which encourages a calmer balanced state but it takes time.

  • Actively using remedies for physical and emotional acute issues is very crucial for great long term progress.

  • The issues addressed in the initial consult are limited to the most impactful current issues so not every long-standing issue will be addressed in the beginning.  Getting the individual stronger as a whole is the first priority as it may lessen or eliminate many issues which don't need to be addressed individually.



Personalized Business Consult- $45/hr or $75/2 hour session

Via phone, skype or in-person

Denise has extensive business experience having started a number of successful corporate businesses on her own.  She has also done business consulting for other health related businesses improving their overall business processes as well as their bottom line . 

This consultation is for those interested in starting a business or wanting a consultation to enhance and streamline their business’ efficiency and profitability.  It is aimed to give specific “how-to” information for their specific business.   (It is recommended that you take the Growing Your Business class prior.)




Medical Astrology Chart & Consult-$125

This chart is based on the ancient yoga science of rejuvenation and longevity which relates to the energy centers/chakras in our body.  In our culture stress plays a major role in effecting our health and our body.  The Rasavidya Chart will show your weak/vulnerable organs and how to improve health and longevity.  This consultation includes a 1 hour phone call explaining your chart with supporting documentation emailed prior.  Also included is information on your specific Qigong pose to improve your health and a tincture(s) recommendation for your vulnerable organ systems to strengthen and balance your body.  Additional charting information is also included  so you can continually update your chart to foresee possible times when your body may become unbalanced during the next year.







A release Form for a Homeopathic Educational  Consult -needs to be signed and returned (or be on file) prior to any consultation taking place.


If you are interested in a consultation email Denise directly at




* Disclaimer - The information given in the consultations above is not intended as diagnosis, prescription or treatment for any type of disease or problem be it mental, physical or emotional.  This information is also not a substitute for regular medical care or information given by a certified medical professional. 

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