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Is It Time You Learned Homeopathy Yet?

I hear lots of people talking about health issues. Do they really want to get better or do they just like talking about them? I am not sure . . . BUT . . . if they really want to get better I feel they should take a hard look at homeopathy!! I have seen amazing results personally and with my many students, friends and even my own family! I have heard people say that "homeopathy doesn't work on that." And I say- "REALLY? How do you know that?" Are they so stuck or indoctrinated into a specific way of thinking that they can't see the forest for the trees? Or have they given up? Do they not see that what they are doing is NOT working so maybe they should try something else? Don't they see they are not fixing things by continually taking a substance/supplement, etc.? Some are suppressing their physical issues and some are suppressing their emotional issues but they are not going for the fix which is entirely possible with homeopathy. Working on the physical, mental and emotional planes it is an all encompassing modality. Don't you think it might be an option to try? I certainly do!!

So the next question is - when are you going to start learning homeopathy? Yes, you can read books and learn BUT if you really want to advance your skills and be able to use it as your main health modality on a day to day basis it is time to take classes. If you don't have a strong foundation it is unlikely you will be successful when you really need it to work or in a crisis! You may be struggling with a concept for a lengthy period of time that can be cleared up in a 2 minute answer to your question. And yes, there is lots of personal question and answer time in the classes I teach as I find this invaluable in advancing your knowledge which advances your skills! Next I hear - well I would like to but I can't take this class because of . . . Look, if it is important to you you have to prioritize learning and if it is important to you you will do that. You will remove any barrier to taking the class and just do it! So think seriously about taking classes in homeopathy and learning to use it on a day to day basis. In my opinion it is the most cost effective modality I know of to keep a person healthy- physically, emotionally and mentally.


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