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Just Do It

Remember this phrase from years past? To me this means try something. This holds true in homeopathy as well. I see many people analyzing and reading and analyzing and reading to find the perfect homeopathic remedy to fit symptoms. They are stressed because they can't find the "right" remedy to fit all of the symptoms. And in the meantime their patient is ailing. Wouldn't it be worth it to try something and "Just Do It?"

From my experience there are times when all of the symptoms do not fit one specific remedy. Sometimes we are looking for the keynote (most common) symptoms to indicate that remedy. There may be other symptoms that match that remedy but possibly not all of the keynotes for it. If you have the remedy and it matches somewhat - Try it. Give a dose and wait to see if it helps. If it helps a little but not enough then up the potency and give it again. You may find the "right" remedy this way!

Still others do not want to give the right remedy too much because they don't want to cause an aggravation for their patient. Again - I say "Just Do It." If you are not pushing the envelope when you need to you are actually holding the person in their current state of ill health. Wouldn't it be better if you just tried the remedy to push them to a healthier spot? Aggravations - especially in clinical homeopathy where we are using lower potencies- are not the worst thing. We know how to dissipate them by just waiting or giving a lower potency of the same remedy or canceling them with mint or any strong smell, etc. The correct remedy given too much is really better than not giving enough of the remedy or a high enough potency.

So if you are in any of the situations I mentioned above please remember the phrase and - Just Do It!

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