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EpiPen - the new epidemic

I have seen many posts about the high cost of an EpiPen lately. Maybe it's time to take a good look at homeopathy and what it can do for allergies and allergic reactions. You do have a choice here. Instead of trying to fight with the system why not learn about remedies to use for allergies and for strengthening yourself - which is the reason you have the allergy in the first place. Let's aim for the "fix" instead of just the band-aid which is using a remedy after the fact for the allergic reaction. I have seen a homeopathic remedy stop an allergic reaction many times. My students have used remedies to do this for themselves with their families, friends, etc. When you are faced with emergency situations like this remember there are other options with a "fix" involved. If you are nervous about trying this keep your Epipen handy but try the remedy first. If you can't seem to stop the allergic reaction use your EpiPen. When using the remedies acutely for an allergic reaction we tend to see the reaction become less intense and less frequent each time we use it so we are going in a positive direction. There is one full fledged truth here - The right homeopathic remedy at the right potency and frequency ALWAYS works.

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