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Homeopathy for Your Animals too!!

Homeopathy works with symptoms so the homeopathic remedies are the same for animals as they are for people. Animals respond very well to homeopathy as they usually do not have as many layers as humans and you may see results much quicker. There is no placebo effect with animals because they have no belief in homeopathy one way or another. In my experience I have seen that once the animal takes the remedy and it makes them feel better they are very willing to take the remedy additional times. There are many ways to give the remedy to your animal.

Here are some ideas:

*Hold the pellet and put the pellet directly in their mouth.

*Use a RSB (Remedy Solution Bottle) and put the liquid directly in their mouth (you could also use a disposable spoon if they will lick off the spoon)

*Put the remedy (liquid or dry) on one of their treats-use a paper plate if needed

*Put the remedy (liquid or dry) on their food –preferable on a disposable dish

*Make up a remedy water bowl for them (Details listed below) Animals dosing themselves Sounds crazy but animals really do know how to dose themselves with homeopathic remedies. So how do we do this? Use a separate water bowl –preferably paper so you can discard it afterwards. Fill the bowl with spring or distilled water.Add your animal’s remedy pellet. The animal will drink from this bowl and not their regular water bowl when they need to dose themselves. Be sure to discard the liquid in the remedy water bowl each day and make up a new one. The remedy will lessen when it is out in the open air versus being contained in a closed bottle.

IMPORTANT-be sure your animal has a bowl of regular water to drink from not just the remedy water bowl.

How you know the Homeopathic Remedy is working?

As always we have to observe the animal. Do they seem happier? Do they have more energy? Is there just something about them that seems better but you can’t put your finger on it? Listen to your intuition. Even if you don’t know the animal you will be able to tell something is better about them if you just quiet yourself and watch them. They, their bodies and their actions will tell you.

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