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Upcoming Classes/Events


March/April 2020

All of the following classes are given remotely and some are also given live in the Homeopathic Classroom located in Upper Black Eddy, PA.  For those unable to attend -  audio classes are available at any time for purchase.  Email to request  an audio class.

Advanced registration is required.






Although this class date has passed it is available via audio and reference notes at the same price.  Email if interested.

Coronavirus and Respiratory Remedies

March 14, 2020, Saturday


Class Fee is $45

Class is given remotely - via call in or log in

In lieu of all of the Coronavirusa hype and reality-I will be giving a class on homeopathic remedies for respiratory issues - colds, flus, pneumonia, etc. I am putting together a class using respiratory info from my other classes as well as some other information specific to the Coronavirus and also the Flu.


 Many people may need this information sooner than later and giving this class on Saturday afternoon time slot may give other people access that normally can't attend with my regular weekday evening classes. As always there will be question and answer time.


I will not have prerequisites for this class as we will mostly be doing acute remedies to address respiratory problems.




And a New Class!

Bach Flower Remedies, Dr Edward Bach & How to Make Flower Essences


April 1 & 8, 2020 - Wednesdays

6:30-8:30PM EDT  


Class fee is $100 for the 2 night class which includes detailed reference notes.

No prerequisite for this class.

Most of us have heard of Dr. Edward Bach, the physician that created the Bach Flower Essences but do you really know/understand his motivations or even all of his discoveries during his lifetime.  This class will cover this and much more!


The class will detail:

  • History of Dr. Bach’s life, research and his discoveries

  • How do Flower Remedies work and what can they address

  • Various ways to take a Bach Flower Remedy

  • Information is given on Rescue Remedy, Bach’s First aid/Crisis remedy

  • We will go over Bach’s actual processes (there are 2) in making his Flower Remedies so that you can even make your own

  • Effects or possible issues with taking Bach Flowers

  • We will clarify many Bach Flower myths through FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • We will go over each of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies in detail

  • Case Studies will be reviewed to help you understand how to use Bach Flower Essences on your own which was Dr. Bach’s intention

  • This class also includes:

    • the Bach flower Questionnaire

    • Bach Flower Repertory

    • A quick reference guide to Bach Flowers





Family Homeopathy - 4 week series


April 7, 14, 21, 28, 2020 - Tuesdays

6:30-8:30PM EDT  


Class fee is $150 for the 4 week series which includes detailed reference notes.

Homeopathy Made Simple is a prerequisite for this class.

Family Homeopathy will cover using homeopathy in your home with your significant other, children and your pets.  We will begin with a review of homeopathic principles and practices which is the main foundation in practicing homeopathy successfully.  Next we will discuss an area where homeopathy specifically excels – Epidemics.  Remedies for measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough and various other childhood diseases will be taught as well as how to give your child the remedy in an easy non-evasive manner.  We will have an overview of the Materia Medica and Repertory and finding information/remedies in these books. We will address remedy suggestions for  allergies (seasonal and food), colds, urinary tract infections, earaches, herpes simplex, insomnia for both kids and parents, pink eye, stys, ringworm, sore throats-strep and tonsillitis and acne. 


We will talk about the homeopathic protocol for treating parasites and their symptoms.  Remedies for ADD-ADHD will also be discussed.  Directions for making a remedy solution bottle on the go will be given.  Lastly we will discuss treating your animals using homeopathy.  Animals respond really well to homeopathy and can even “dose” themselves if you allow them.  We will discuss various ways to give your animal a remedy, how to know if the remedy is working for them and how much to give. 


Due to requests for learning how to use Homeopathy in the current Coronavirus pandemic I am scheduling another live (but remote) HMS series which gives much needed foundation information on how to use homeopathy successfully on your own.

Homeopathy Made Simple- 4 week series


April 16, 23, 30, May 7, 2020 - Thursdays

6:30-8:30PM EDT  


Class fee is $150 for the 4 week series which includes detailed reference notes.

The Homeopathy Made Simple series is designed to teach you the basic principles of homeopathy as well as the “how tos” so you will be able to use it on a daily basis.  For those of you who already practice homeopathy this series will definitely fill in the gaps and show you additional ways to practice homeopathy.  Homeopathy is a natural and a very inexpensive way to maintain and promote health.  Unlike allopathic medicine, this modality aims to resolve the issue rather than suppress it.  Most people know that remedies can work on physical issues but they may not realize remedies also work with emotional issues such as grief and depression.  Although it is not as widely used in the U.S. (but this is changing), it is practiced successfully throughout the world. Why not take control of your health for yourself and your loved ones by learning to use homeopathic remedies in your daily life?


This series covers:

·        The 64 remedies in the Homeopathic Home Kit and specifics on what they are used for

·        How to choose a homeopathic remedy

·        How to know if a remedy is working

·        Cancellation factors for remedies – how this happens

·        Standard remedy potencies along with information on how frequently to take the remedy

·        We also cover aggravations/provings/overdoses- what they are and how to address them

·        How to use RSBs or remedy solution bottles

·        Grafting or copying remedies

·        How to make a homeopathic ointment or oil

·        We will be covering remedies for the flu, depression, back injuries/issues, anxiety, pneumonia and even feeling overwhelmed 

·        Constitutional remedies-the select group and how to use them 

·        The 12 cell salts and how to use them are discussed

·        We also do test cases which helps to solidify your knowledge of how to use remedies in specific situations taking into consideration frequency, potency and the different reactions you may get


Questions are encouraged during the series.  Also, since the optimal goal of this series is to have you practicing homeopathy on your own questions on specific remedies to try for yourself, your family and even your pets are welcome.


​​​Detailed information on what is covered in every class is listed under the Class Description tab. There are many more classes that are offered and they can always be purchased via audio and notes if you are not able to take the live class.



Homeopathy Made Simple

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