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Upcoming Classes/Events


Sept/Oct/Nov 2020

All of the following classes are given remotely and some are also given live in the Homeopathic Classroom located in Upper Black Eddy, PA.  For those unable to attend -  audio classes are available at any time for purchase.  Email to request  an audio class.

Advanced registration is required.







​Homeopathic Color & Sound Remedies



Sept 21, 2020 - Monday 7-9PM EDT  


Class fee is $45

Class includes detailed reference notes

Prereq - none

This class will cover:

  • What are Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies

  • How are they made

  • The Colors and associated Musical Note Remedies

  • How to use Color and Sound Remedies

  • When to give the remedies

  • Our chakras as they relate to the color and sound remedies

  • Lastly we discuss each of the 10 Color remedies as well as 9 Musical Note remedies in detail.This includes:

    • Specific information aboutthe color and relating sound

    • Characteristics of a balanced, blocked and excessive chakra relating to that color/sound remedy

    • Physical and mental/emotional issues that can apply to that color/sound remedy

    • Extra info or tips on using them

    • Example cases for the color/sound remedies




(This is the beginner/foundation class and the 1st class you should take.)


​​Homeopathy Made Simple


 4 week beginner/foundation  series

Sept 29, Oct 6, 13, 20, 2020 - Tuesdays 7-9PM EDT  


Class fee is $150 for the 4 week series which includes detailed reference notes and videos of class demonstrations.

Homeopathy Made Simple is the beginner series and a prereq for many of my other classes.  It gives great foundation knowledge not found in many other classes


The Homeopathy Made Simple series is designed to teach you the basic principles of homeopathy as well as the “how tos” so you will be able to use it on a daily basis.  For those of you who already practice homeopathy this series will definitely fill in the gaps and show you additional ways to practice homeopathy.  Homeopathy is a natural and a very inexpensive way to maintain and promote health.  Unlike allopathic medicine, this modality aims to resolve the issue rather than suppress it.  Most people know that remedies can work on physical issues but they may not realize remedies also work with emotional issues such as grief and depression.  Although it is not as widely used in the U.S. (but this is changing), it is practiced successfully throughout the world. Why not take control of your health for yourself and your loved ones by learning to use homeopathic remedies in your daily life?



This series covers:

·         The 64 remedies in the Homeopathic Home Kit and specifics on what they are used for

·         How to choose a homeopathic remedy

·         How to know if a remedy is working

·         Cancellation factors for remedies – how this happens

·         Standard remedy potencies along with information on how frequently to take the remedy

·         We also cover aggravations/provings/overdoses- what they are and how to address them

·         How to use RSBs or remedy solution bottles

·         Grafting or copying remedies

·         How to make a homeopathic ointment or oil

·         We will be covering remedies for the flu, depression, back injuries/issues, anxiety, pneumonia and even feeling overwhelmed 

·         Constitutional remedies-the select group and how to use them 

·        The 12 cell salts and how to use them are discussed

·        We also do test cases which helps to solidify your knowledge of how to use remedies in specific situations taking into consideration frequency, potency and the different reactions you may get


Questions are encouraged during the series.  Also, since the optimal goal of this series is to have you practicing homeopathy on your own questions on specific remedies to try for yourself, your family and even your pets are welcome.




Cell Salts in Depth

Oct 14, 2020 - Wednesday 7-9PM EDT  


Class fee is $45

Class includes detailed reference notes


 No Prerequisite for this class.

Cell salts are an easy and straightforward system using only 12 different types of cell salts.  Come join us for a fun night of learning details on each of the 12 as well as the “how-tos” to use them. 


Our class lecture includes:


  • What are cell salts, how were they created and how do they work?

  • When to dose and different ways to take the cell salts.

  • In depth information on each of the 12 cell salts as well as bioplasma (a combination of the 12 cell salts).

  • The astrology sign that relates to each of the cell salts which may impact you if you are born under that specific sign.

  • Facial analysis for picking a cell salt.Did you know your facial coloring, structure and even your wrinkles can indicate a specific cell salt?

  • Lastly - specific issues and the cell salt(s) recommended for each





More Homeopathy


 4 week series

Oct 22, Nov 5, 12, 19, 2020 - Thursdays 7-9PM EDT/EST  


Class fee is $150 for the 4 week series which includes detailed reference notes.


 Prerequisite to this series is attending Homeopathy Made Simple (4 week series) and Family Homeopathy (4 week series)


More Homeopathy will cover more advanced topics in Homeopathy which include:

·         How to make a non-triturated homeopathic remedy from scratch as well as learning the extensive process of making a triturated homeopathic remedy-also from scratch;   

·         Requirement details for the 60 hour H.Hom. certification (Homeopathy for Home Use)

·         General pointers on how to start/grow your own holistic business

·         Bach Flower Remedies with a quick reference guide on the 38 Bach Flowers.

·         Information on chakras and more specifics on the 7 chakras that relate to our physical bodies

·         Taking and analyzing a complete chronic case;

·         Various herbal tinctures will be discussed that can be used along with homeopathic remedies;

·         Definitions and discussions on Miasms and their treatment

·          General information on Medical Astrology-a chakra based medical system that can indicate vulnerabilities and point to homeopathic remedies that should be considered. This is a great diagnostic tool.


LM Prescribing

Sept 27, 2020 - Tuesday 7-9PM EDT  


Class fee is $45

Class includes detailed reference notes


 Prerequisite to this class is attending Homeopathy Made Simple (4 week class).  It is highly recommended that you also take the Family Homeopathy and More Homeopathy series as well.

Hahnemann’s last and 6th edition of The Organon describes a potency Hahnemann worked on incessantly just prior to his death in 1843.  His aim was to find a potency that allowed a rapid and aggravation free cure.  The LM potencies are the answer he was looking for.  Come join us for a fun night with enlightening information on Hahnemann’s “most nearly perfect potency” – the LM Potency.


Class lecture will include information on:


  • The history of the LM Potency

  • Benefits of using the LM Potency

  • LM Scale

  • Using LMs with Acute and Chronic issues

  • How to take an LM Potency

  • Making a RSB – remedy solution bottle

  • Using a dosage cup

  • How LM remedies are made

  • Misc LM info

  • An acute case of Meningitis using LMs



​​​​​Detailed information on what is covered in every class is listed under the Class Description tab. There are many more classes that are offered and they can always be purchased via audio and notes if you are not able to take the live class.





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